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The Poolbar decoration.jpg
The ceiling in The Poolbar is decorated with wonderful weirdness found on the streets and at local booth sales.


Everything inside our cafe has its own story. Feel free to ask our friendly staff.

Give your eyes a feast and look up for a change, when entering The Poolbar. Everything inside has its own story. There will be something unique to spot each time you’ll enter. Feel free to ask our friendly staff about the items! In the bar we offer a decent selection of special beers, fine snacks and we serve nothing but ice cold beer on draft. We serve Pints, but also Jugs of beer to quench the big thirst or jumpstart your evening.

Although our bar is big, the different elevations make it a cosy and playful space. Expect comfy corners and peek-throughs that link the different floors of the bar. Our huge airconditioned area hosts our pool tables.

The Poolbar poster.jpg
The Poolbar Voetboogstraat.jpg

The hidden gem full with stories

Before the Poolbar existed, this was called De Meander. This was a very popular student discoclub back in the day. Many relics from old bars & restaurants that used to exist in the Voetboogstraat are hung up on the walls and ceiling. Although this bar has a lot of history inside, we love to make some new history with our guests as well!

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