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The Poolbar Pooltables.jpg

Opening hours:

Sunday - Thursday 12:00 - 02:00

Friday - Saturday    12:00 - 03:00

Voetboogstraat 3-B,

1012 XK Amsterdam 

The Poolbar Amsterdam

A bar that happens to have a lot of pooltables and the best prices beer jugs.

Looking for a great place to have a fresh Pint or Jug with your friends? Then you have to drop by The Poolbar! A super relaxed bar with the best priced Beer Jugs in Amsterdam. Who needs more persuasion than that?

The Poolbar is a truly unique place in the heart of Amsterdam. In The Poolbar you’ll find a healthy mix of local people and stray cats from all over the world. The best way to describe us is: ‘a fun bar with lots of different kind of games’. Our main focus lays on creating an easy going place with character and of course, like the Dutch say, ‘’gezelligheid’’. One way of creating this experience is by paying a lot of attention to our music selection. So drop by and don’t be afraid because it’s a fact: pool is one of the safest sports in the world, even after a couple of beers.

The Poolbar is the perfect place to play pool, have a pint or jug and enjoy life. Come visit us and experience our ambiance!
Give us a call on +31(0)20-3300813 we're glad to help you. Come along and enjoy a variety of games, great music and staff!


Take a look around!

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